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Weight Loss Education Programs

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Weight Loss Education Programs

At Jefferson, we offer our Beyond Diets program, a short-term weight loss plan, as well as and long-term weight loss education. These programs are part of our Comprehensive Weight Management Center.

Beyond Diets

The Beyond Diets short-term program is catered to individuals looking for information and medically-based support in their efforts to lose weight.

Six to 12 weeks Depending on Your Needs

This in-depth program focuses on food management and offers detailed information about weight loss from the perspective of:

  • Protein, fat and carbohydrates
  • Meal planning and restaurant eating
  • Calories

This program also delves into simple strategies to start managing your weight with topics such as:

  • Calories – how many should I eat a day and are they important?
  • Should my diet be low fat or low carbohydrate?
  • How important is breakfast?

We will help you develop an eating plan to maintain weight loss in your every day life.

Cost - $175

Comprehensive Weight Management Program

Patients who opt for a long-term program that involves a medically supervised liquid fast — paired with lifestyle education and ongoing personalized support — will undergo three phases:

Phase 1 - Beginning (First six to 12 weeks)

  • An 800-calorie-a-day OPTIFAST® liquid diet
  • An average 15 to 20 percent loss of body weight
  • Mandatory weekly group meetings (held days and evenings), led by our highly trained facilitators, to understand and recognize food-related attitudes and behaviors

Phase 2 - Beyond Diets (Next 12 weeks)

  • Transition from the liquid OPTIFAST to a new, healthy way of eating
  • Develop your own eating plan with input and feedback from the instructor
  • Participate in weekly education sessions on protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, meal planning and restaurant eating from to enable ongoing weight management and loss

Phase 3- Maintenance - Refuse to Regain  

  • No charge for ongoing attendance
  • A program with some of the nation's highest success rates
  • Continued use of some Optifast products as meal replacement or another customized eating plan
  • Ongoing group support sessions to learn about nutrition, maintenance issues and healthy behaviors for a lifetime

You must attend the free OPTIFAST Informational Session before being considered for this program. Fees are reviewed in the session and participants are required to commit to all three phases in order to develop skills for long-term maintenance.

Cost - $525 plus food cost 

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If this is your time to safely and effectively manage your weight, call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment with our specialists.