Jefferson University Hospitals

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

If you have epilepsy and are still experiencing repeated seizures despite medication, you may be a candidate for vagus nerve stimulation.

What Does Vagus Nerve Stimulation Involve?

For this procedure, a pacemaker-like device stimulates a nerve in the neck that may reduce the number or severity of seizures that people experience. VNS has been performed at Jefferson for more than a decade, and our neurosurgeons are the most experienced in the region for the treatment of serious seizure disorders.

Researching the Safety and Effectiveness of Brain Stimulation to Improve Seizure Control

Physicians at Jefferson have also participated in a clinical research study to determine the safety and effectiveness of brain stimulation to try to improve seizure control. Two different devices have been tested, one of which electrically stimulates structures that are located deep within the brain and another that directly stimulates the part of the brain that causes seizures.

These techniques are still investigational but have promise.