Jefferson University Hospitals

Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy

Radiation oncologists at Jefferson use a form of radiotherapy called total skin electron beam therapy (TSEBT) to treat the entire skin surface. TSEBT is used when cutaneous T-cell lymphoma has affected many areas of your skin. In the past, lymphoma patients used creams (moisturizer and steroid cream), phototherapy and/ or tablets to treat the skin condition.

Total skin electron beam therapy can also be used for leukemia with skin involvement (leukemia cutis).

What Does Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy Involve?

TSEBT is given by a radiotherapy treatment machine (a linear accelerator) that produces beams of high energy electrons. An electron beam will only treat the skin's surface.

It is very effective, well tolerated and can control your skin lymphoma. An outpatient procedure, the course of treatment lasts about two to five weeks.