Jefferson University Hospitals

Preparing for Your Visit

  • You should have a normal physical and pap smear within the last 2 years.
  • Tell your doctor if you develop frequent urinary tract infections. You may be asked to complete a urinalysis prior to the procedure. 
  • Let your physician know if you are prone to herpes outbreaks. A prescription may be needed in advance.
  • Tell your your physician about any vaginal surgery or if you have been told you have any vaginal prolapse.
  • Women of childbearing age may be required to have a negative pregnancy test.
  • Increase fluids by drinking an extra four to six glasses of water one day prior to treatment. 
  • Attempt to empty your bladder right before treatment.
  • Clip short the external treatment area or shave the external treatment area at least one day prior to the procedure. Wax or laser hair removal should be completed 5 to 7 days prior to your appointment to avoid irritation.
  • If you're menstruating, it will not negatively affect your procedure. However, you may feel more comfortable rescheduling if you're in the middle of a heavy cycle.

You may not be able to have ThermiVa if you are:

  • Using cardiac devices such as AICD’s (auxiliary internal cardiac devices), debrillators, mechanical valves, pacemakers, or any device that is affected by RF energy
  • Pregnant
  • Diagnosed with an active sexually transmitted disease
  • Currently experiencing a urinary tract infection
  • Diagnosed with greater than a stage 2 pelvic organ prolapse
  • Recovering from a recent vaginal surgery 

Initially, three treatments are recommended four to six weeks apart, followed by one maintenance treatment annually.