Jefferson University Hospitals

Swallowing Therapy

One treatment method for dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) is swallowing therapy. Through a collaborative approach, Jefferson otolaryngologists and certified speech-language pathologists can improve your swallowing by strengthening specific muscles in your body – such as the lips, tongue, back of throat, voice box and even breathing and coughing – so that your swallowing can be as strong and safe as possible.

If there has been paralysis or surgery to parts of the mouth and tongue or neck areas, there may need to be compensatory techniques taught. Education and counseling are included in the treatment plan to help you adjust and cope with your swallowing problem.

In addition, you may be asked to be on a restricted diet in order for you to swallow foods and liquids easily. Our speech-language pathologists will monitor your condition as therapy continues, adjusting it as necessary.

Why Choose Jefferson for Voice & Swallowing Disorders Treatment in Philadelphia?

The Jefferson Voice and Swallowing Center, a joint program with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and housed within the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, provides comprehensive state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of disorders affecting the voice and swallowing.