Jefferson University Hospitals

Single & Double Balloon Enteroscopy

Highly skilled clinicians of Jefferson's Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit perform single and double balloon enteroscopy (also known as endoscopy) for diagnosis of celiac disease and other digestive disorders.

What Does Single Balloon Enteroscopy Involve?

A single balloon enteroscopy involves having a long endoscope (a hose-like tube with a light and a camera on the tip) that is fitted with a long overtube. The overtube has a balloon on the tip that is used to anchor the overtube so that the endoscope can be advanced further into the small intestine. By withdrawing the overtube, the small intestine can be shortened and straightened, making the passage of the inner endoscope easier.

The endoscope allows the intestine to be inflated with air, rinsed with water or to guide biopsy or electrocautery instruments to the tip of the endoscope.

What Does Double Balloon Enteroscopy Involve?

A double balloon enteroscopy uses similar equipment, but a second balloon is located on the tip of the endoscope. Both balloons can be inflated to anchor the overtube or the endoscope to help the endoscope or overtube pass more easily into the small intestine.

You will be sedated during either of these procedures.