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Sclerotherapy is a minor office procedure that eliminates spider veins as well as small to medium sized varicose veins. The injection needles are smaller than those used for the flu shot, and the chemical (sclerosant) is injected directly into the abnormal veins.  

Sclerotherapy Treatment Sessions & Results

The treatment take approximately 20 minutes, and you can resume nearly all of your activities. You must wear support stockings during the daytime for a few days after the procedure to help further close the veins.

The result can be immediate, however, it usually takes several weeks of healing to be achieved. Each vein usually requires one to three treatments. The veins disappear over a period of two weeks to three months. Recurrence may occur over a period of 1 to 5 years. This treatment does not prevent new telangiectasia from developing.

While in many cases the treated vein resolves in one treatment, the number of treatments needed to clear or improve the condition differs from patient to patient. Depending on the extent of the spider vein present, multiple sessions may be required.

Certain types of large varicose veins may not respond readily to sclerotherapy alone. These vessels may require a minor surgical procedure followed later with sclerotherapy. You may be referred to a vascular surgeon for complete or partial treatment of these specific types of large varicose veins.