Jefferson University Hospitals


Maintenance of Wakefulness Test

A maintenance of wakefulness test isolates you from outside factors that can influence your ability to fall asleep, such as temperature and noise.


Using digital technology, our physicians are able to obtain images of the breast that are of higher contrast and show finer detail to allow for more thorough evaluations.


If it is determined that breast conservation is not an option or if you choose a mastectomy for treatment of breast cancer, our skilled plastic surgeons may be able to provide immediate breast reconstruction.

Maxillomandibular Advancement

Maxillomandibular advancement is a surgical procedure in which your upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible) are moved forward to correct a facial deformity or sleep disorder such as sleep apnea.

Maxillomandibular Fixation

Also described as "wiring the jaw shut," this procedure temporarily connects your upper and lower jaw by wires, elastic bands or metal splints so that your lower jaw can heal.


During a mediastinoscopy, a thoracic surgeon will insert an endoscope through a small incision at the top of your chest to diagnose and stage lung cancer.


If your skin looks dull or unhealthy, microdermabrasion may be an effective treatment to remove the dead layers to expose healthier skin and promote new growth.


This is used in the diagnosis and removal of various lesions of the vocal folds to restore a normal voice.


Today, through microsurgery, our surgeons are able to repair the smallest of blood vessels, transfer tissue from one part of the body to another and reattach severed parts.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive procedures – from laparoscopic or "keyhole" to endoscopic or robotic surgeries – offer some important advantages over traditional "open" surgeries.