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Pillar Procedure

The palate is a frequent source of obstruction in sleep apnea and is the most common location that is responsible for snoring.

What Does the Pillar Procedure Involve?

The Pillar® procedure is a relatively noninvasive procedure in which several tiny polyester implants are placed into the floppy portion of the roof of the mouth under local or general anesthesia. These implants act to create scar tissue that reduces vibration of the palate and decreases collapsibility. You cannot see or feel these implants, and they will not interfere with your swallowing or speech.

If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, sleep medicine specialists, oral surgeons and otolaryngologists at Jefferson can answer any questions you may have. While the procedure can be quite effective, it is not appropriate for all patients. Our otolaryngologists and/or oral surgeons will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether the procedure is right for you.

It takes just one office visit to perform the Pillar procedure, and recovery time is far less than more invasive surgeries.