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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

If you are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery and require physical therapy as part of your treatment, turn to the specialists of Jefferson Health's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. Our goal is to evaluate and treat your disease, disorder or injury so that you can return to normal function.

Physical therapy will help to improve or restore mobility. The goal of physical therapy is to help you increase your mobility, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability, allowing you to move independently through your environment.

What Does Physical Therapy Involve?

Physical therapy starts with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and mobility status. You and your physical therapist will identify goals together. Your therapist will develop an exercise routine and plan to help you achieve your goals and maximize fitness. Your therapist will train and provide recommendations on devices for mobility and train caregivers and/or family members as needed.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

If you or a family member has experienced an injury that requires rehabilitation on an outpatient basis, Jefferson Health offers the Jefferson Rehabilitation (Outpatient Rehabilitation Services). Our therapists specialize in therapy services including occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language pathology for patients of all ages.

Our rehabilitation therapists practice an interdisciplinary team approach, working with referring physicians, nurse practitioners and case managers to ensure comprehensive quality services are delivered. Physical therapy can include workers' compensation, balance disorders, orthopedic/sports medicine or pediatric developmental therapy.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

If you require intensive inpatient rehabilitation as a result of a joint replacement, orthopedic trauma or amputation, the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital will work with you and your physician to create the optimal course of rehab for your injury. 

You are provided with medical and rehabilitative care, along with emotional, social and psychological support to help you reach optimal independence and return to the community. The results of your evaluation along with input from you and your family are used to determine the appropriate treatment plan and goals for discharge.

Make an Appointment

Call 215-955-1200 to make an appointment with our physical therapy specialists. Or you can schedule an appointment online.