Jefferson University Hospitals

Preparing for Your Visit

In preparation for your exam at Jefferson Outpatient Imaging, we ask that you:

  • Oncology: fast for 6 hours prior to PET/CT exam
  • Neurology: fast for 4 hours prior to PET/CT exam
  • Drink plenty of water (NO soda, coffee, juice or tea)
  • No gum or hard candy the day of your PET scan. Sugar in the body can affect test results.
  • Wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing without zippers or metal of any kind. These may interfere with your imaging study.
  • Take any scheduled medications. Diabetic patients must call 1-866-Jeff-PET for specific instructions before taking oral medication or insulin.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time (30 minutes for MRI exams) to complete any necessary paperwork.
  • Have your insurance forms, referral information and doctor's prescription in hand.
  • Present a photo ID and any insurance cards you would like for us to file for you upon arrival.
  • A 24 hour notice is appreciated for any cancelled appointments.
  • In the best interest of your child's safety, we must ask that you please make arrangements for their care while you are having your test performed at our facilities.

A representative will answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure, including test preparations and directions. An insurance specialist can also direct you when a referral or pre-authorization is required for a procedure.

We ask that you please bring any recent CT, MRI or PET films with you if they were not performed at a Jefferson facility.