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If you have been diagnosed with testicular or prostate cancer, our highly skilled urologic surgeons may recommend an orchiectomy to remove one or both of your testicles.

What Does Orchiectomy Involve?

This procedure is typically done on an outpatient basis and you can typically return to your daily activities within one to two weeks.

The testicles produce testosterone which prostate cancer needs to continue growing and spreading. While the removal of the testicles will not cure prostate cancer, it may prolong your survival.

Why Choose Jefferson for Testicular Cancer Treatment in Philadelphia?

If you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer, it is important to have this treated as quickly as possible as 95% of testicular tumors are malignant and you want to prevent the spread of the cancer.

There are clearly emotional issues attached to a procedure of this nature. At Jefferson we understand that there may be both psychological and emotional issues you may need to deal with once the procedure is complete. The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health has a Cancer Care Program where you can find emotional and spiritual support.

A Cancer Support Network

The Kimmel Cancer Center can provide you and your family a support network that includes specially trained nurses, educators, fellow patients and cancer survivors. Among the wide variety of support programs offered at Jefferson is our Buddy Program, which matches cancer patients with trained volunteer cancer survivors who have been through treatment themselves. These volunteers provide one-on-one support either over the telephone or on-site.