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Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

If you or someone you care about has been injured and requires assistance developing, recovering or maintaining daily activities and work skills, occupational therapists at Jefferson Health's Department of Rehabilitation can help.

Occupational therapy helps you to participate in the activities you need and want to do using therapeutic daily activities (occupations). The goal of occupational therapy is to help you live an independent, productive and satisfying life.

What Does Occupational Therapy Involve?

Occupational therapy begins with a thorough evaluation to determine what you can do and develop goals together. A plan will be created to improve your ability to perform their daily activities. You and your occupational therapist will work together on various activities from dressing and using a computer to cooking and eating. Occupational therapists will also provide recommendations on adaptive aids to make activities easier and provide education to caregivers and/or family members.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

If you or family members have an injury that requires rehabilitation on an outpatient basis, Jefferson Health offers the Jefferson Rehabilitation Outpatient Program. Our therapists specialize in therapy services including occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language pathology for patients of all ages.