Jefferson University Hospitals

Nerve Root Block Therapy

If you are experiencing chronic pain due to cancer, lower back problems or other chronic pain conditions, it can be debilitating. Fortunately, pain management-trained anesthesiologists, psychologists and nurses at Jefferson can help reduce and eliminate your pain by recommending a leading-edge treatment known as nerve root block therapy.

What Does Nerve Root Block Therapy Involve?

This therapy is designed to find the source of your pain, reduce inflammation around the nerve root and block the pain impulse from traveling up to your brain. It involves locating a specific nerve root in your spine with the guidance of an X-ray machine to obtain real-time moving images, a process known as fluoroscopy.

Once the nerve root is located, a needle filled with anesthetic and steroids is injected into the area adjacent to the nerve root. This will identify whether or not the nerve root is the source of your pain and, if so, bring either partial or complete relief of your pain.

You will be lying down for this procedure, and it lasts about 30 to 60 minutes.

Psychiatric and behavioral pain medicine services are also offered to provide you with emotional and psychological support throughout your treatment.