Jefferson University Hospitals


Surgical techniques have advanced significantly over the years and Jefferson surgeons have led the way. Today, through microsurgery, our surgeons are able to repair the smallest of blood vessels, transfer tissue from one part of the body to another and reattach severed parts.

Microsurgery for Injured & Diseased Hands

The surgeons at Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center (formerly The Philadelphia Hand Center) have led the way in utilizing microsurgical techniques to repair the small, delicate vessels and tendons of the hand.

Microsurgery for Stroke Prevention

At Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience, our neurosurgeons are expert at performing microsurgery particularly for stroke prevention where they can detect and repair small aneurysms that can rupture and cause a stroke to occur.

If you require a procedure that involves the delicate and precise techniques of microsurgery, there is no better place than Jefferson to receive your care.