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Liver Dialysis

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Liver failure is a serious and many times fatal diagnosis. Treatment for this disease is typically liver transplantation if you are considered a candidate for that procedure. However, even if you are considered a suitable candidate, finding a donor organ may prove too long. Today, there is an option to prolong your life during the search for a new liver — liver dialysis.

What Does Liver Dialysis Involve?

Liver dialysis similar to kidney dialysis allows your blood to be purified after liver failure. Your blood will be removed from your body and pumped through a set of filters to purify it. The procedure can last up to 6 hours, but you may need only one or two sessions because the treatment restarts the damaged liver.

Why Choose Jefferson for Liver Failure Treatment in Philadelphia?

The transplant surgeons at Jefferson Hospitals were the first in the U.S. to use liver dialysis with a patient that had a very critical liver condition. Jefferson is also home to the longest continuously active liver transplantation program in the Philadelphia area. In fact, the first liver transplant in the Delaware Valley was performed at Jefferson.