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Le Fort Osteotomy

When an abnormally positioned jaw is giving rise to malocclusion problems (a misalignment of teeth), Le Fort osteotomy is often recommended. Jefferson oral and maxillofacial surgeons, rated among the best in the Delaware Valley by Philadelphia magazine, will explain what to expect before, during and after your procedure.

What Does Le Fort Osteotomy Involve?

This orthognathic surgery involves the sectioning and repositioning of the upper jaw (maxilla).

There are three types of Le Fort osteotomy, depending upon the location on the upper jaw:

  • Le Fort I osteotomy — advancement or treatment of maxillary (upper jaw) fractures
  • Le Fort II osteotomy — treatment of maxillary fractures
  • Le Fort III osteotomy — treatment of maxillary fractures of one or more facial bones and is often used to correct facial abnormalities