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Laryngotracheal Reconstruction

The laryngeal or tracheal airway can become narrow for many reasons including infection, a birth defect or injury, external trauma or from a prolonged illness requiring intubation and/or tracheotomy, causing breathing difficulty.

What Does Laryngotracheal Reconstruction Involve?

Laryngotracheal reconstruction is a type of surgery that widens the narrowed windpipe by removing a small piece of cartilage from the ribs, thyroid gland or ear and placing that cartilage in the narrowed part of the airway to widen it permanently.

Why Choose Jefferson for Laryngotracheal Reconstruction Surgery in Philadelphia?

The experienced team within Jefferson's Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery will carefully guide you or your child through this procedure and provide support for after care. Our surgeons serve a large and varied patient community, including children. We also work in close association with the pediatric specialists at the Nemours Children’s Health System, a Jefferson Health System affiliate.