Jefferson University Hospitals

Tips for Success on the Ketogenic Diet

  1. Do not be concerned about the initial fasting process in the Hospital when starting the diet; most people handle it surprisingly well. When fasting and entering ketosis, people typically do not crave food and in general feel well.
  2. Getting into a routine when fixing meals should make things easier, and the longer you are on the diet the easier it becomes.
  3. You may feel hungry. Using water with saccharin or splitting meals in half may help to fight hunger pains.
  4. Use a small salad plate to present each meal because the smaller plate makes it look as though you are getting more food.
  5. If you love dessert, keep a stock of homemade cream popsicles in the freezer; these can be calculated into your meal plans by your nutritionist.
  6. Keep a few pre-prepared meals in small plastic containers in your refrigerator (label them carefully) for use if you are not at home.
  7. Steam vegetables for the best nutritional value.
  8. Be creative with your meal choices.
  9. Cut foods into interesting shapes to make them more appealing.
  10. Buy yourself a treat if you are able to stick with the diet after the first month.