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ImPACT - Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing -is an essential part of a concussion management program that may be administered as a baseline and/or post-injury test to people of all athletic levels over the age of ten. The tool allows for assessment in areas of cognitive functioning such as memory, processing speed and reaction time prior to sustaining a concussion.  If a patient suffers a head injury, ImPACT is repeated to evaluate changes in scores.

Our experts specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and management of concussions from acute to chronic. ImPACT is used during the patient’s clinical evaluation to allow our doctors to find areas of compromised cognitive functioning specific to the concussive injury. Along with symptom report, balance, and vision assessments, ImPACT can aid in the formation of a proper recovery plan for treatment that is individualized to the patient and their specific injury.

ImPACT is a scientifically researched and validated concussion management tool currently used by all professional sports leagues.