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If you deal with allergies on a daily basis or are diagnosed with skin cancer, colorectal cancer or other type of cancer, your physician at Jefferson may recommend immunotherapy to fight your disease or protect your body from treatment side effects.

What Does Immunotherapy Involve?

Immunotherapy is designed to repair, stimulate or enhance the immune system's natural anticancer function, assisting it to recognize cancer cells in the body and work to eliminate them. Another approach is to remove cancer cells from the body and alter them genetically to elicit a strong immune response. These cells then can be returned to the body in the hope that they will act as a cancer vaccine.

Research Involving Several Types of Immunotherapy

Researchers are testing several types of immunotherapy, alone or in conjunction with other treatments. Immunotherapy may be used when colorectal cancer has spread to other organs or when the cancer has recurred. Most of these treatments are given by injection.