Jefferson University Hospitals

Hepatic Arterial Pumps

If you have metastatic colon cancer (cancer that has spread to other areas), you may benefit from a hepatic arterial pump. This pump delivers chemotherapy drugs directly to your liver. Chemotherapy given directly into the artery that feeds the tumor is more likely to kill the tumor cells as the drug concentrates in the tumor without spreading into your body. This avoids all the side effects (nausea, hair loss) which are common with more traditional intravenous chemotherapy.

What Does a Hepatic Arterial Pump Involve?

You will be placed under anesthesia while surgeons place a special tube (a catheter) in the hepatic artery, one of the liver's main arteries. A pump is then implanted just under your skin and connected to the tube. Once a month, the pump is filled with a chemotherapy drug.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Your Colon Cancer Care

Our multidisciplinary team at Jefferson will take a comprehensive approach to your liver or biliary disease. Hepatologists from our well-regarded Digestive Health Institute in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology work in close collaboration with our team, too.