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Hearing Aids

An estimated 48 million people (20 percent) in the United States are diagnosed with hearing loss. If left untreated, hearing loss can result in communication difficulties, which research has shown can lead to isolation, depression, increased anxiety and other physical and emotional health problems.

If your physician determines that you have hearing loss and it cannot be treated by medical or surgical intervention, hearing aids may be an option for you. Determining which hearing aid is right for you, however, can be a daunting task.

Am I a Candidate for Hearing Aids?

At the Jefferson Balance and Hearing Center, an audiologist will assess if you would benefit from hearing aids and help you decide which style of hearing aids and special features are best for your lifestyle. During your second visit at the Center, you will be fitted with your hearing aid selection and will learn how to use and care for them.

During your 30-day adjustment period, you will visit with your Jefferson audiologist to check your progress and make any necessary adjustments. If, at the end of the adjustment period you are not satisfied, you may exchange to a different device or return the hearing aids and your money will be refunded to you, minus a small fitting fee.

Keep in mind that while hearing aids can be extremely helpful in many situations, even the best technology does not equal perfect hearing. Your audiologist may recommend an assistive listening device (ALD) in addition to hearing aids to help in situations where a hearing aid is not enough.

If you did not purchase your hearing aids through the Jefferson Balance and Hearing Center but would like to have your hearing aids serviced, please schedule an appointment with an audiologist by calling 1-800-JEFF-NOW to discuss your options for repair or reprogramming.

SoundBite: A Hearing System That Uses Bone Conduction Technology

For patients with single-sided deafness and bilateral conductive hearing loss, Jefferson offers an FDA-approved hearing aid called the SoundBite™ Hearing System that uses bone conduction to transmit sound through the teeth.

The SoundBite consists of a removable hearing device that is placed in the mouth - custom-made for the upper, left or right, back teeth – and a small microphone unit that is worn behind the impaired ear. Both components have rechargeable batteries and a system charger.

The hearing system is not worn during sleep. Dental work or alterations to the teeth are not required.

Lyric2: An Extended Wear Device

Jefferson is proud to be providers of the completely invisible hearing device called the Lyric®. Most traditional hearing aids are at least partially visible and must be taken out to shower, exercise and sleep. But the Lyric2 can be worn 24/7 for up to two months at a time. There's no need for daily insertion or changing batteries.