Jefferson University Hospitals

Dizziness & Balance Testing

Diagnosing dizziness is a process that usually involves several tests. If you are experiencing dizzy spells, the otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat physicians) and audiologists of the Jefferson Balance and Hearing Center will start with a detailed medical history and a physical examination.

What Does Dizziness & Balance Testing Involve?

The first test our team may perform for dizziness and balance is a hearing evaluation to determine if the inner ear has been affected in any way. Another test is videonystagmography (VNG), a series of noninvasive computerized tests to evaluate how your balance system functions.

Treatment Options for Dizziness

Once a diagnosis is determined, we will offer a range of tailored treatments to control most of the disorders causing your dizziness. Some conditions can be controlled with medication; others with diet and some require surgical intervention. Physical therapy and exercise are treatment options for some who experience dizziness.

Jefferson's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine has physical therapists who specialize in balance rehabilitation and can also offer you treatment.