Jefferson University Hospitals


If you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, you should know that Jefferson neurosurgeons perform the most brain tumor operations than all other university-based hospital programs in the Philadelphia region combined.

Our neurosurgeons are among the most experienced in the country in performing surgical procedures for the removal of brain tumors, including craniotomy.

What Does Craniotomy Involve?

Craniotomy involves removing a bone flap, a section of the skull, to access the brain. The bone flap is typically replaced after the procedure with tiny plates and screws.

Most Advanced Noninvasive Brain Tumor Treatments in the Delaware Valley

In addition, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience offers you the most advanced noninvasive treatment options for brain tumors in the Delaware Valley, if you have a hard-to-reach or difficult-to-treat brain tumor. Our neurosurgeons have also helped to write the textbooks and set training standards referenced by other physicians around the world.