Jefferson University Hospitals

Concussion Baseline Screening

Concussion baseline screenings should occur as part of a comprehensive preseason evaluation. Our certified healthcare providers examine aspects of behavior, cognition, muscle imbalance and the vestibular system through screenings of memory, processing speed, reaction time, visual motor skills, posture and balance. These measures provide our physicians with personalized benchmark data that can be used for comparison in the event of a sustained concussion.

Baseline screenings should be performed annually for athletes 12 and younger, and every other year for athletes 13 and older. We recommend screening athletes beginning at the age of ten.

Baseline Measurements

Our physicians utilize several tools to gather personal baseline information including:

  • ImPACT - a computer-based cognitive assessment and symptom-report tool
  • SWAY Medical - a measure of postural sway as an indicator of balance
  • King-Devick - an eye movement, attention and concentration measurement tool

This comprehensive approach helps our physicians craft an individualized treatment and management plan that gets patients back to school, athletics and life at a pace most optimal for brain healing.