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If you have liver cancer, the recognized oncologists, interventional radiologists and liver cancer specialists of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson can consult with you to discuss the possibility of chemoembolization, also known as intrahepatic chemotherapy. The purpose of chemoembolization is to inject chemotherapy drugs into the hepatic artery that supplies blood to the tumor in the liver. The artery is then often embolized – or blocked off – with tiny particles.

One of the advantages of using this technique is the hepatic artery, which is almost exclusively the source of blood for liver tumors. By blocking the hepatic artery, it's possible to deprive the tumor of oxygen and nutrients – while the liver continues to be supplied with blood from the portal vein. Another advantage of embolization: no blood washes through the tumor, so drugs stay in the tumor for a much longer time – up to one month, in fact.

Advantages of Choosing Jefferson for Chemoembolization in Philadelphia

The interventional radiologists at Jefferson perform more than 500 chemoembolization procedures per year and have published extensively on the topic. At Jefferson, we offer the Delaware Valley's leading expertise and treatment options for liver cancer and related conditions. We are also highly responsive to your medical needs. In fact, we aim to schedule your first visit within two weeks of your diagnosis being made and records being received.

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson is one of the select few centers in the U.S. designated by the National Cancer Institute for excellence in cancer care and research. U.S.News and World Report has also recognized Jefferson as one of the best hospitals in the nation for cancer care.

Seasoned Experts in Liver Cancer Treatments

Our team of seasoned experts has been at the forefront of liver cancer treatments – including developing and testing the yttrium-90 microspheres internal hepatic radiation treatments by team members, as well as testing new agents and the combination of medical and surgical approaches, which are tailor-made to your needs.

  • We have extensive experience in performing cancer screenings for individuals with hepatitis or cirrhosis, and we're an excellent resource for second opinions and psychological evaluations and counseling.
  • We use a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating our liver cancer patients. Our Liver Tumor Board reviews and discusses each patient's case, helping to ensure an optimal plan of action.
  • We offer access to a wide variety of clinical trials through the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson; the support of Jefferson's end-to-end liver care capabilities; and support resources for your emotional and psychological needs through the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.