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Breast Cryotherapy for Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenoma is the most common non-cancerous tumor of the breast, sometimes causing a lump and pain. Though these tumors are found in women of all ages, symptoms are most commonly seen in younger women. Cryotherapy – also known as cryoablation – is an FDA-approved treatment for fibroadenomas and is an alternative to open surgery. It uses extreme cold to eliminate tumorous tissue.

Women with one or more fibroadenoma tumors, measuring 4 cm or less in the largest dimension, benefit from the procedure.

What Happens During Breast Cryotherapy?

Breast cryotherapy for fibroadenoma is similar to a needle biopsy used to diagnose fibroadenoma. An outpatient procedure performed in office by a breast imaging radiologist. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, with local anesthetic. A probe is inserted into the breast, under ultrasound guidance, through a tiny incision. Liquid nitrogen circulates through the probe, causing a rapid temperature drop that freezes and destroys the breast tumor from the inside out.

Safety & Benefits

Breast cryotherapy for fibroadenoma is considered a comfortable procedure, with cold acting as a natural pain reliever. No general anesthesia or post-procedure prescription pain medicine is needed.

Because there is no tissue removal, patients should expect a speedy recovery. The procedure preserves breast volume and minimizes risk of bleeding or infection. Cryotherapy can be safely repeated for multiple tumors with no change in breast appearance.

This treatment has been successfully and safely used for treatment of non-cancerous breast disease since 2001. The device used at Jefferson Health was approved by the FDA in 2010. Ninety percent of patients report good or excellent cosmetic results one year after treatment.

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