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If you are experiencing joint pain and/or disability and previous medical treatments are not working, your physician may recommend arthroplasty. Arthroplasty, one of Jefferson's specialties, is a surgical procedure to restore the integrity and function of a joint through resurfacing of the bone or with an artificial joint.

Arthroplasty at Jefferson is performed by our nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons, whose goal is to help decrease your pain and restore you to an optimal activity level and quality of life.

Maintaining a Joint Arthroplasty Database

We also maintain a joint arthroplasty database with more than 40,000 hip and knee arthroplasty cases registered. The joint database, initiated by Richard Rothman, MD, in 1967, is one of the first in the world, growing at a rate of 7,000 joints per year, and is likely to be one of the largest in the near future.

Open-Joint Arthroplasty for TMJ Disorders

When arthoplasty is used to treat TMJ disorder, it refers to all types of open-joint surgery, including temporomandibular joint replacement and dental implants. Jefferson oral surgeons are specially trained in performing this procedure and will guide you through a smooth recovery.

Your oral surgeon may recommend arthroplasty if:

  • Tumors are present in or around your TMJ
  • The joint is scarred severely or chipped
  • Your TMJ is degenerating
  • Arthroscopy is not a practical treatment

During arthroplasty, a small incision on the face over the TMJ is made so that the joint is exposed to get a better view. The goal of this procedure is to improve the functionality of your TMJ and reduce pain.