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If you are pregnant and will be 35 years of age or older at the time of delivery, the American College of Medical Genetics recommends having amniocentesis to diagnose greater than 99 percent of all chromosome abnormalities.

Or, if you want to know whether or not your unborn child is likely to be affected with Down syndrome, Trisomy 18 or open neural tube defect (ONTD), amniocentesis can be performed to provide a probability that your pregnancy is affected with a specific condition.

Specialists of the Jefferson Maternal-Fetal Health Center offer a variety of prenatal screening options, including amniocentesis, to help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Your Care

Our physicians have more combined years of practice in maternal-fetal medicine than you'll find at any other healthcare facility in the Philadelphia region. We work as partners with your obstetrician and are pleased to provide consultation with any obstetrician you select, regardless of the physician's hospital affiliation. Or, we can help you find an experienced obstetrician at Jefferson to deliver your baby and work closely with us in your care.

Working closely with our perinatologists (maternal-fetal medicine specialists) is a dedicated team of obstetricians, genetics professionals, neonatologists and nurse specialists.