Jefferson University Hospitals

Continuous Quality Improvement

Our staff participate in performance improvement programs that focus on both processes and outcomes. We constantly strive to make changes that will positively influence patient outcomes. We accomplish this by:

  • Participating in prescribing decisions
  • Reviewing all medication orders for appropriateness
  • Reviewing and updating medication dispensing and distribution procedures
  • Providing guidance to the medication administration processes
  • Assuring proper patient monitoring for therapeutic response
  • Measuring the impact of these interventions by reviewing patient records
  • Department reviews adverse medication events with the goal of soliciting ideas for system improvement to prevent recurrence

We take pride in the comprehensive nature of our quality assurance programs and our commitment to continuous performance improvement. The department continually reviews all applicable legislation, regulations and standards of practice. This process helps to assure our programs remain in compliance with The Joint Commission, Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy, professional society and other regulatory requirements.