Jefferson University Hospitals

Anticoagulation Department

The Pharmacy Department at Jefferson provides anti coagulation management services to a wide array of patients in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. The pharmacy directed anti coagulation program is one of eight national training sites for the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) Foundation's Anti thrombotic Pharmacotherapy Traineeship, as well as a training site for pharmacy students from two schools of pharmacy and TJUH/s pharmacist residency training program.

This award winning pharmacy directed orthopedic anti coagulation program manages approximately 1,800 patients per year. The program is managed by an integrated, interdisciplinary team of pharmacists, nurse practitioners physician assistants, case managers pharmacy residents, and surgeons. A dedicated pharmacy team manages each orthopedic patient's post-operative anti thrombotic therapy beginning the day of surgery and following through to an outpatient setting.

Pharmacists are responsible for adjusting Warfarin doses, as well as ordering and monitoring pertinent labs for anti coagulation therapy. A standardized assessment and educational model was developed to insure that every patient receives comprehensive education and discharge instructions prior to hospital discharge. After discharge, the patient's medication is managed by telephone or face-to-face visits.

This transition in care program was awarded ASHP's Best Practices award as an innovative transition of care model that has resulted in improved clinical outcomes. In addition to improved clinical outcomes, this program has also increased patient satisfaction and has been enthusiastically accepted by the orthopedic team.