Jefferson University Hospitals

Department Of Pharmacy

Patient Care

The primary activities of our Department center around providing pharmaceutical care to the patients of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. In performing this function, the members of our department play an integral role in the delivery of patient care throughout the Hospitals. Some examples of how Jefferson's pharmacists support specialized aspects of the Hospitals' patient-care mission include:

  • Infectious disease management
  • Pharmacokinetic screening and monitoring
  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Code blue responses
  • Therapeutic interchanges
  • Comprehensive drug therapy reviews
  • Specialized nutritional support
  • Leadership in medication safety initiatives

Further, our pharmacists work together with members of the medical staff, nursing staff, hospital administration, and numerous other hospital personnel to promote new and better ways to deliver excellence in patient care. Here are some examples:

Pharmacy Directed Anti Coagulation Program

The Pharmacy Department at Jefferson provides anti coagulation management services to a wide array of patients in both the inpatient and out and outpatient settings. Learn more

Automation of Drug Distribution Systems

Our department has always maintained a strong commitment to automation of our drug distribution systems. In fact, over the years we have earned a reputation as innovators in hospital pharmacy technology by implementing automated drug distribution systems such as:

  • Bar coding
  • Robotics
  • Point-of-use dispensing

Continuous Quality Improvement

We take pride in the comprehensive nature of our quality assurance programs and our commitment to continuous performance improvement. Read about our ongoing programs. Learn more

Development of Guidelines and Medication Use Policies

Working closely with the medical, nursing and administrative staffs, we are actively involved in the development of guidelines and medication use policies that promote quality and efficiency in patient care while maintaining cost-effective utilization. Learn more

Drug Information Center

Jefferson’s Drug Information Center serves a key role in supporting our patient care mission. Learn more

Home Infusion Service

Our Home Infusion Service provides patients a safe alternative to receiving their infusion therapy in an institutional setting. Patients can generally resume an active lifestyle, such as attending work or school, while receiving their infusion therapy in the comfort of their home. Learn more

Integration of Patient Information

Learn about our Patient Information System which maintains profiles for each patient's medications and actively interfaces with other Hospital patient information systems such as those used by nursing and the clinical laboratory. Learn more

Medication Safety

Learn more about Jefferson's multidisciplinary medication safety effort.

Transitions of Care Program

Managing patients' care as they transition from the hospital to home or facility is an important part of the Hospital's efforts to reduce readmission rates and to ensure that our patients continue to receive the care they need post-discharge. Learn more