Jefferson University Hospitals


Our department maintains a strong commitment to research. Our staff regularly participate in research projects, both in conjunction with the medical staff and independently. Additionally, our pharmacists serve as study coordinators, co-investigators and clinical monitors in many investigational drug studies.

Members of the department have developed original protocols for clinical research and have supported the medical staff in preparing grant applications and physician-sponsored new investigational drug applications. The results of departmental research endeavors are often published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national meetings.

Representatives of the Pharmacy Department assist in furthering the Hospital’s research mission through active participation in the:

  • Institutional Review Board
    Several members of the pharmacy’s professional staff are active members of the University's Institutional Review Board, which reviews and approves all clinical research protocols.
  • Investigational Drug Service
    Investigational drug services (IDS) plays an integral role in conducting research within the pharmacy at TJUH. IDS handles the procurement, storage, preparation, and dispensing of investigational drugs in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Currently, two full-time pharmacists manage approximately 100 studies.

    Pharmacists can play a crucial role in determining study design, randomization of patients, and ensuring adherence to the protocol. Both pharmacists are members of the institutional review board (IRB).

    The service is available 24/7 with pharmacy residents and night call pharmacists providing coverage on evenings, nights, and weekends.