Jefferson University Hospitals

Remote Medical Second Opinion



Thomas Jefferson University Physicians in certain specialty areas are offering telephone or video consultations, also known as “Remote Medical Second Opinion Consultations” to individuals who are looking to receive a medical second opinion. People who have been seen and diagnosed by their own physician can request a second opinion from a Jefferson physician without having to travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A remote consultation for a medical second opinion includes:

  • A review of medical records that you provide to the Jefferson Physician
  • A telephone or video discussion with a Jefferson Physician
  • A written second opinion report from the Jefferson Physician sent to you and your treating physician

Remote Medical Second Opinion Consultations are another way Jefferson physicians provide quality, forward-thinking care, regardless of location.

Remote Medical Second Opinion Consultations are available for:

* State law may prohibit our physicians from providing you and your physician with a remote medical second opinion consultation. A Jefferson representative will work with you to determine eligibility for second opinion services based on your location.