Jefferson University Hospitals

Keeping Our Patients Safe

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A Culture of Patient Safety

The safety of our patients is a top priority for our physicians and staff. Jefferson has been a leader in implementing systems and processes that assure that we deliver high-quality, safe care for our patients.

Patient Safety Net

To proactively address safety risks, a team representing key departments makes Patient Safety Rounds and then makes recommendations for changes. If a potentially unsafe event occurs, Jefferson responds immediately using the Patient Safety Net (PSN), a web-based reporting system offering real-time problem solving. The Jefferson Health System is the first Pennsylvania health system using the PSN.

Preventing Falls and Controlling Infections

Reducing falls and controlling infections are important metrics for patient safety. We have implemented hourly patient check-ins by staff nurses to prevent falls before they occur. In controlling infections, surveillance is key and is now made more accurate with software that pinpoints an infection’s source to a single room and patient. Jefferson utilizes its multidisciplinary Infection Control Committee to establish infection control goals, facilitate communication of infection-control activities and recommend corrective measures based on these reports.

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

For almost a decade, Jefferson Hospital has utilized a Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system, which helps prevent medication errors by replacing physicians' handwritten orders for medications, tests and other clinical procedures with an electronic communication system that links physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians. Organizations such as the Institute of Medicine cite CPOE as an important patient safety milestone.