Jefferson University Hospitals

Telephone Service

Telephones are available in each patient room (except the Intensive Care Units). These telephones have a volume-control button, a keypad with enlarged lighted numerals and a red light that flashes when the phone is ringing..

All calls made within the 215, 610, 609 and 856 area codes can be made by simply dialing "9" to get an outside line and then the area code and telephone number. All other calls made outside of these area codes must be reversed, billed to your home telephone number or billed to a calling card. All calls within the Hospital can be made by dialing "5" plus the last four digits of the telephone number. (For example, to call the Office of Patient and Family Experience, dial 5-7777.)

There is a flat rate of $4 per day for telephone service. This rate of $4 per day, plus applicable taxes, will be charged to your home telephone bill. The charges will be processed by United Telemanagement Corporation Inc. (UTC), an outside vendor contracted by Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. These charges will not appear on your hospital bill.

In consideration of patients who may have extended stays in the Hospital, telephone charges will be applied only up to a maximum of 10 days. After the 10th consecutive day of admission, there will be no charge. Please see the tent card in your room for additional information about your telephone.

If you have any questions about your telephone service, please call the Office of Patient and Family Experience at 215-955-7777 or 5-7777 within the Hospital.