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Paying Your Bill

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

Retroactive to March 18, 2020, and consistent with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, health plans are to provide coverage, without member cost-sharing requirements, for any COVID-19 diagnostic testing and certain directly related items and services.  Please note that federal guidance about these new laws was issued mid-April, so if you believe your COVID-19-related claim was incorrectly processed, please contact your plan’s Member Services to have your claim reprocessed. The test price is $128.

Your final hospital bill will be sent to you after you are discharged. Pennsylvania state law requires us to send you a statement of charges incurred during your hospital stay, regardless of whether or not you owe a balance.

The hospital bill represents charges for your room and any ancillary charges. Room charges include general nursing care, house staff physician visits, meals and housekeeping. Ancillary charges include lab tests, X-rays, medications, operating and recovery room services and other special supplies.

View, Manage & Pay Your Bill Online

As of April 1, 2017, the MyJeffersonHealth patient portal conveniently provides you with the option to submit payments online. If you received services at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital before April 1, 2017, please log in to our previous portal.

Questions About Your Bill?

Please refer to the location list below and the correlating phone number if you have any questions related to the charges shown on your Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals statement. Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may also e-mail for assistance with your bill.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Jefferson Methodist Hospital
Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience
Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital
Jefferson Stratford Hospital
Jefferson Washington Hospital

Last name begins with letters A through L:
Last name begins with letters M through Z:

If you received care at one of the following hospitals, please call the numbers listed for assistance:

Jefferson Bucks Hospital
Jefferson Frankford Hospital
Jefferson Torresdale Hospital


Abington Hospital
Abington - Lansdale Hospital 

215-481-5777 or

If you have questions about your insurance company's specific coverage, please contact your carrier directly. If your coverage is through your employer's group policy, please contact your employer. In all cases, you — not your insurer — are ultimately responsible for paying for the hospital and medical services you receive.

Professional Fees

Your bill from Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals will not include professional fees for your primary physician, surgeon and/or other hospital-based physicians; you will receive separate bills from those physicians. For example, you may receive a bill from anesthesia, pathology and radiology in addition to the bill from your surgeon. In most cases, the bill from hospital-based physicians will originate from the group—for example, the Radiology Group.

Please note: You must pay each of these bills directly to the physician or agency indicated on the bill. Please call the number listed on each bill if you have questions or need further information.