Jefferson University Hospitals

PFAC Founders

Jefferson recognizes the contribution of its multitude of dedicated volunteers and the incredible — often unsung — work they do to improve the lives of our patients and their families.

We never forget or forego our historic legacy. We are stewards of an American institution that dates to 1824, half a century before the Civil War.

We are overwhelmed by the kindness of so many who donate their time, and their service to the cause of improving the patient experience and helping our professional staff discharge its awesome responsibility.

It is in this spirit of gratitude and appreciation that we dedicate this special space on the Internet, a unique tribute to those who served on our original Jefferson Patients and Family Advisory Council.

By their devoted work, they set an example for others and established a baseline of quality and commitment we will strive to emulate and reflect. It’s a high bar.

Thank you.

Daniel LouisIt was a privilege to serve as a member of Jefferson’s inaugural Patient Family Advisory Council.

All of us on that original Council are extremely grateful for the care that we and our loved ones received from the wonderful physicians, nurses, technicians, and staff at Jefferson.

It is my hope that the Council continues to make a significant contribution to an ever-improving experience for patients and family members at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

Daniel Louis

Lindsay HoffI was shocked when my friend, Dave Terhune, told me that he requested Jefferson to consider my services for the Patient and Family Advisory Council. Knowing how Jefferson worked so hard to restore my friend’s health, I wanted to give back in the same dedicated Jefferson fashion.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the inaugural PFAC and a true honor to help lead the council as an Advisor Co-Chair. As my experience has been enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding, I will continue to volunteer my time to Jefferson wherever help is needed.

Lindsay Hoff, Co-Chair (2014-2019)

Clarence ClarkI hope we’ve done some good. Actually, I know we did. My time on Jefferson’s Patient & Family Advisory Council has been a fabulous and fulfilling experience for me. As a retired Army nurse, I always seek ways to bring my skills and experience to bear to help others. The PFAC was a perfect way for me to contribute in a meaningful way.

It was also empowering to know that my ideas were heard and implemented. I am proud that the leadership at Jefferson is listening. I met some wonderful people on the committee and am proud to say that I made a difference. Thank you!

Clarence Clark, RN

David TerhuneWe look for ways to turn our need to express our profound “thanks” into real action. That chance appeared to me during an informal conversation in Atlantic City when I attended a Trauma Conference. For all the wrong reasons, I know a lot about trauma.

I cannot be more grateful for the chance to serve on Jefferson’s Patient and Family Advisory Council. I hope I’ve given as much as I got.

David Terhune

No photo available for Linda DiLettoEach of us on the Council brought a unique perspective. A number of us were patients. Some of us were primary caretakers. I was both.

Serving on this committee gave me a platform to share my experiences, which are, sadly, extensive. I appreciate what it means to have a debilitating chronic illness. I understand what it means to care for a loved one who is dying. I lost my husband to cancer.

I echo my colleagues when I say it was very rewarding to see our ideas and thoughts turn into real action. It feels good to know that our discussions around that table and all of our homework, translated into significant changes. I do believe Jefferson and all the people who depend on it are just a little better off for our work.

I very much appreciate the chance to give back.

— Linda DiLetto

Debbie BehnkeI think I was the only one on the council dealing with an adult child with chronic and serious medical issues. My son, Darryl, now 37, has multiple disabilities and has undergone 89 surgeries. Darryl’s been on life support seven times.

He is the reason I served on Jefferson’s Patient and Family Advisory Council. We don’t really have a choice about the hand we’re dealt, but we DO have control over what we do about it.

Participating in the PFAC was the experience of my life. It was reassuring to know that Jefferson administrators and staff actually took note of what we were doing.

This might be TMI, but of all of the many advances I have played a small part in, one of my proudest is the upgrades made to a urology out-patient surgical unit. Thank You for allowing me this opportunity!

— Debbie Behnke

Jennifer SparrowI was humbled and honored to serve as the PFAC inaugural council Co-chair. To be embraced by the Jefferson community and have our voice not only heard but recommendations implemented says a lot about the value Jefferson places on the patient and family. Thank you for listening, and recognizing our contributions! Together we have accomplished our simple goal of improving the patient experience.

— Jennifer Sparrow, Co-Chair (2014-2016)

Rebecca LevenbergI'm grateful for the opportunity to use my extensive experience as a patient in a way that helps Jefferson move forward and improves care for patients yet to come.

— Rebecca Levenberg