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About PFAC

The People Behind Jefferson's
Patient & Family Advisory Council

About PFAC

The people of Jefferson’s Patient and Family Advisory Council represent a variety of experiences. They’ve been through challenging times and navigated matters of life and death.

If they were not in the hospital bed themselves, they were bedside with loved ones. They are people who, for the most part, had good—even miraculous—outcomes, but sometimes not without bumps along the way.

We sought out their involvement specifically and found people who survived incredibly close calls and others who shepherded them back to health. We found regular folks dealing with dire health circumstances and others coping with lifelong conditions. All of them have an awful lot to contribute to our unending pursuit always to improve the patient experience.

We thank them more than we can say, for their time and their personal investment in this ambitious initiative known as Jefferson’s Patient and Family Advisory Council.

I couldn’t be more grateful to the people of Jefferson. They saved me. Participating on this Council is a way to give back.

- David Terhune, Volunteer

I think when a hospital reaches out directly to the people it’s supposed to be serving, it gains not only a unique perspective but also valuable insight on what the Patient Experience is really all about.

- Lindsay Hoff, Volunteer, PFAC Co-Chair

Life is precious and I want to give back for all that Jefferson has done for my life and the lives of those closest to me. It's not only extremely rewarding to see the ideas we discuss in Council meetings come to life in practice, but also enormously gratifying to know that I can personally help impact the delivery of care for the next patient coming through the door.

- Galit Kantor Green, Volunteer, PFAC Co-Chair