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Patient & Family
Advisory Council

Patient & Family Advisory Council

The core of Jefferson’s first Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) are the patients themselves and their loved ones, those who were bedside and helped care for them during their hospital stay. Taken together, they have experienced the spectrum of healthcare outcomes. Some have suffered loss. Others had great victories. All of them have a desire to contribute. These are the people of Jefferson’s Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Mission Statement: Our simple goal is to improve the patient experience.

Our mission is to accomplish that goal by deepening genuine engagement with our patients and their families and drawing from their experiences.

And our vision—in the truest sense—is to see things from our patients’ point of view and from the next of kin’s perspective and to use all of it to drive positive change.

Since Jefferson Hospital opened its doors in 1825, our singular aim has been to deliver the highest quality care. We are better able to achieve it, by understanding our patients’ diverse needs and appreciating what they’re going through, as seen from their angle. The Patient and Family Advisory Council helps us do that.

Meaningful Results

The PFAC generates practical and measurable results.

  • We are promoting patient dignity and respect by improving the daily interactions that define a hospital stay.
  • We are enlisting the direct and active participation of our patients in our decision-making process.
  • We are opening new lines of communication and streamlining the process by which good ideas get the attention and action of hospital leadership.

The Council measures its success in real terms by gauging patient satisfaction. We look at ways to improve patient safety and convenience.

At the same time, our work impacts Jefferson Hospitals’ brand recognition and reputation, which, in turn, affect our ability to recruit and retain the kind of competent and caring people we’re looking for.

The PFAC is a classic win-win for both patients and the hospitals.

Values that Guide Us

Throughout the Jefferson Hospital community we hold ourselves to high standards. We measure our performance based on certain common values.

As members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council we seek to emulate these iSCORE values.

  • (I) Innovation
  • (S) Service Excellence
  • (C) Collaboration
  • (O) Ownership
  • (R) Respect 
  • (E) Empowerment 

PFAC's Purpose & Goals

The realm of Jefferson’s Patient and Family Advisory Council embraces every aspect of patient-centered care, from policy and programs to practices.

We are developing strategies to strengthen communication and collaboration between families and their healthcare providers.

At the same time, we’re improving patient and family access to the information, support and educational resources needed to have constructive discussions and productive debate on important issues.

The work we’re doing will also inform institutional planning, whether it’s new programs, new initiatives or renovations and new construction.