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As of January 20, 2021 MyChart is now MyJeffersonHealth.

At Jefferson Health, we know that staying informed and engaged improves the recovery process. That’s why we’ve created the MyJeffersonHealth Bedside – a 24/7 tool that provides you with safe and secure access to your medical record, treatment plan, tests results and more – while you’re in the hospital.

The free service allows you or your designated family member track your progress, quickly, easily and conveniently.

How to Get Started

Ask your nurse or care team to provide you or your family member with a MyJeffersonHealth Bedside iPad. You will be prompted to do the following:

  • Sign the patient agreement your care team gives you
  • Turn on the power button, located on the top of the iPad
  • Log in
  • Add a passcode you create for personal security

FAQs About MyJeffersonHealth Bedside

What do I need to use the MyJeffersonHealth Bedside iPad?

You just need to sign a patient agreement that specifies terms and conditions.

Can I access the internet?

Yes, you can, with the iPad’s browser and Jefferson’s free Wi-Fi network connection.

Is there a fee to use the iPad?

No, the MyJeffersonHealth Bedside iPad is available for use free of charge while you are an admitted inpatient.

Can I add a passcode to secure my personal information?

Yes, you can add a passcode to your MyJeffersonHealth Bedside iPad when you start using it or anytime afterwards to secure your personal information. You may share it with your family or caregivers, if you like, so that they too can access your medical information.

Can I take the MyJeffersonHealth Bedside iPad home?

No, the iPads are the property of Jefferson Health and will not operate outside of our facilities.

Can I access applications other than MyJeffersonHealth Bedside?

You can access existing applications on the iPad, but you can’t download other applications.

What happens if I accidentally break the MyJeffersonHealth Bedside iPad?

You will receive a replacement if one is available.

Can I bring in my own iPad/tablet to the hospital?

Yes, but you will not be able to access the MyJeffersonHealth Bedside application with it.

Can I sign up for a MyJeffersonHealth account with the Bedside iPad?

Yes. Your MyJeffersonHealth account will enable you to have free, online access to your Jefferson Health medical record, 24/7 – even after you leave the hospital. Through a secure internet connection, you can use your MyJeffersonHealth account to manage your records, communicate with your doctors, request prescription refills and more. Sign up today.