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November 26 , 2012

Richard Webster named Chief Operating Officer of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals has named Richard Webster, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, its next Chief Operating Officer (COO). Webster began his new role on Monday, November 5th. He was previously Vice President of Perioperative Services and Musculoskeletal Service Line Administrator.
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November 21 , 2012

One Week at a Health Spa Improves Your Health Study Shows

Take off those Thanksgiving pounds with a week at a spa retreat. A new study shows that not only are they relaxing and nourishing, but they are safe and a week-long spa stay can correspond with marked changes in our physical and emotional well-being.
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November 20 , 2012

Brazilian Mediums Shed Light on Brain Activity During a Trance State

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil analyzed the cerebral blood flow (CBF) of Brazilian mediums during the practice of psychography, described as a form of writing whereby a deceased person or spirit is believed to write through the medium's hand.
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November 15 , 2012

Aspirin is as Successful as Warfarin in Preventing Clots Following Joint Replacement Surgery

If you've had joint replacement surgery, it's likely you've been given warfarin, a common blood thinner and clot-preventer, prior to surgery. While effective, research from the Rothman Institute at Jefferson has shown aspirin to be just as effective in preventing clots, specifically pulmonary emboli, life-threatening blood clots that can develop in the arteries of the lungs following joint replacement surgery.
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