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Jefferson Partners with NeuroFlow to Support Holistic Health of Employees and Students


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Organizational commitment to mental health will bring technology to 42,000 employees across its health system and university.

PHILADELPHIA — NeuroFlow, the market leader in technology and services for behavioral health integration, is now available to 42,000 employees of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

The initiative will focus on increasing access to behavioral health resources and daily self-care for employees, faculty and students across Jefferson’s university, clinical and corporate services settings. NeuroFlow’s evidenced-based platform will engage with those working on the frontlines by providing tailored content, regular surveys, exercises, and crisis resources, depending on individual needs.

“Healthcare and education providers can often overlook their own quality of life in the service of others, but we are committed to being there for them, just as they always are for us. This program will ensure that those who want to measure their overall health can do so in a meaningful, confidential way,” said NeuroFlow CEO Chris Molaro. “We’re proud to expand our work with Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, an organization that understands the importance of mental health in the workplace and the needs of its employees and students.”

NeuroFlow, which was originally implemented in patient care settings by Jefferson Health’s clinical staff in 2019 and offered to all Thomas Jefferson University students this past summer, tracks outcomes and provides remote support with a care management system to close the gap between mental and physical health. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for mental health awareness while also increasing rates of burnout among healthcare workers. As a result, Jefferson recognized an opportunity to expand the use of technology to support its employee population. Leaders from across the organization, including those in clinical and academic settings and the human resources department, are working toward a larger “holistic health” program being introduced to faculty and employees over the next several months.

“COVID-19 challenged healthcare workers across the world like we have never seen in our lifetimes,” said Bruce A. Meyer, MD, MBA, President of Jefferson Health. “NeuroFlow is a creative, technology-driven solution with proven positive mental health outcomes that our employees can access on their cell phones or tablets. This was something our employees asked for, and we believe this partnership, in addition to an expanded program for prioritizing holistic health and well-being, can make a true difference whether on the job or at home with family members.”

Thomas Jefferson University Provost Mark L. Tykocinski, MD, added: “While the college experience can be stressful, COVID-19 brought a unique set of challenges for our students, and our faculty and staff. Having an application-based technology for holistic health is important because it’s how our students learn and interface with systems. We have found that NeuroFlow is an important complement to our Student Counseling Center offerings.”

NeuroFlow enables Jefferson employees, faculty and students to manage their health privately and autonomously, using tools available around the clock to support their schedules. Each user experience is personalized based on a combination of their preferences, AI algorithms, and how they respond to different mental and physical health assessments. Employees can complete activities such as breathing exercises, watch curated videos, and choose to track daily mental and physical health vitals, such as mood, sleep, and steps.

Early pilot results from 1,000 beta users were positive, with users completing an average of 20 activities in the first month. In addition, at least 500 Thomas Jefferson University students have taken advantage of this resource within the past five months. The initial success contributed to the decision to roll out NeuroFlow across the entire employee population.

About NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow provides best-in-class technology and care services for the effective integration of behavioral health. NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant platform supports over 14 million users across 150 health systems, payors, and organizations, helping them capture behavioral health insights and take action to proactively manage individuals and populations holistically. 

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