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Jefferson President and CEO Stephen Klasko Named Distinguished Fellow of World Economic Forum



PHILADELPHIA, PA – Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, has been named the first Distinguished Fellow of the World Economic Forum, and co-chair of the Forum’s Board of Stewards for The Future of the Digital Economy and New Value Creation, at the Forum’s recent annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Dr. Klasko is president of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health.

The World Economic Forum is an independent and impartial international organization for public-private cooperation with an objective to improve the state of the world.

“We are delighted that Dr. Klasko will join and shape our ongoing community efforts. This community plays a critical role in creating the industry landscape of tomorrow,” said Anil Menon, Managing Director, World Economic Forum. “Stephen brings exceptional experience, energy and a mindset of collaborative innovation that will be instrumental in maximizing its impact.”

The Forum’s platform for The Digital Economy and New Value Creation is a cross-industry platform for networks of business leaders, practitioners and disruptors focused on creating sustainable and equitable business models for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The platform provides a unique cross-industry and global community committed to developing the next generation of business models and industry systems that create both economic and broader societal value.

In his capacity as Distinguished Fellow, Klasko will also act as co-Chair to the Board of Stewards for the platform.

“The Forum was built on the principle of Stakeholder Leadership, and today is committed to ensuring that the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be leveraged to improve the world and the societies we live in. Developing business models and industry ecosystems that are both economically and societally sustainable is a critical enabler of this vision. Our Board and platform members lead some of the most influential companies around the globe,” Menon said.

“I am honored to work closely with the World Economic Forum in creating an optimistic future for technology and for health,” said Klasko. “I believe the digital transformation we see across the globe can be harnessed to improve lives – if we choose to do so.”

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