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Jefferson Health and Lifeguard Health Networks Bring Care Coordination Platform to Patients at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center


Lifeguard Health Networks

Mobile Platform Loops Caregivers into Care Plan, Reminders and Symptom Tracker

PHILADELPHIA and WAYNE, PA  — Jefferson Health and Lifeguard Health Networks announced a strategic collaboration to deliver a novel integrated care platform for patients and trusted family caregivers managing complex health conditions. Jefferson Health will begin using Lifeguard’s integrated care solution, LifeguardMOBILE™, for remote patient monitoring and support, starting at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) at Thomas Jefferson University.

“We are partnering with Lifeguard Health because creative partnerships and relationships with start-ups like these play an important role in improving treatment outcomes in non-traditional ways,” said Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. “We are thrilled to launch this service with our patients in the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson and we look forward to rolling this out further in the future.”

Lifeguard’s Integrated Care Network (ICN)™  will enable Jefferson and the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center staff to track patient adherence to a therapeutic plan that may include medication regimens and treatments while also monitoring clinically relevant patient information, such as symptoms and side effects, vital signs and lifestyle changes.  The Lifeguard solution will be used by the patient, at-home caregivers and others in the patient’s circle-of-care to inform healthcare providers of patient progress between clinical visits. Supporting the National Cancer Institute’s new model of cancer care, SKCC’s Lifeguard program will support care plan management, caregiver activation, as well as patient monitoring and intervention.

“Jefferson and Lifeguard have entered into a strategic, multi-year enterprise agreement to improve the patient experience and outcomes with our technology, beginning with cancer patients and expanding from there,” said Martin Carty, CEO and co-founder of Lifeguard Health Networks.  “Our collaboration with the team at Jefferson and the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center will provide key insights and feedback to help us further develop our innovative digital health solution for the U.S. cancer community and beyond.”

How it works

Lifeguard’s Integrated Care Network (ICN)™  takes full advantage of cloud services, enabling access anytime/anywhere for patients and their caregivers, through their smartphones, to manage care at home and communicate passively (monitoring and virtual triage of patient reported measures) and actively (phone, message, video) with their care providers. 

“A patient’s caregivers have traditionally provided support, encouragement and physical care but are often a forgotten resource within the health system,” said Danielle Guttman Klein, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Lifeguard Health Networks.  “We created LifeguardMOBILE™ because our experiences as patients and caregivers told us there had to be a better way to bring the entire care team together.  We look forward to a long and valued partnership with Jefferson to better serve patients, caregivers and providers on the journey to better health.” 

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center’s Lifeguard program creates “clinical connectedness” and enables the patient and authorized caregiver(s) to coordinate and co-manage patient care through their smartphones, and communicate with the clinical team at SKCC. Lifeguard will allow continuous electronic capture of healthcare monitoring in the home setting, complementing the electronic medical record that Jefferson uses in outpatient clinics and inpatient units, thus giving the care team a 360-degree view of the patient experience.

"Of the many thought-leading programs we are implementing at SKCC, we are particularly excited about our collaboration with Lifeguard Health Networks. The Lifeguard platform enhances the patient care experience allowing our team to virtually extend clinical reach into the home,” said Karen Knudsen, Ph.D., Director of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and the Hilary Koprowski Professor and Chair of Jefferson’s Department of Cancer Biology.

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Gail Benner