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Jefferson Health Adds On-Demand Virtual Care App to Telemedicine Program



App will be available to Philadelphia residents and visitors during upcoming Papal visit.

Jefferson Health has added a new feature to its telemedicine program, JeffConnect®, called On-Demand Virtual Care, which allows patients to connect with an emergency medicine physician via computers and mobile devices. Through the JeffConnect® On-Demand Virtual Care app, physicians can diagnose and recommend treatment for non-emergent issues like stomach aches, cold and flu, infections, or identify whether a patient needs to seek further treatment at an urgent care center or emergency department.

The launch of this app comes at a perfect time for Philadelphia residents and visitors, as they prepare for limited travel routes and options throughout the city during the Papal Visit. By using JeffConnect®’s On-Demand Virtual Care app, patients can avoid traveling for non-emergent cases that can be handled virtually by a Jefferson physician.

“Our goal is to make sure everyone can get the care they need,” said Judd Hollander, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Associate Dean for Strategic Health Initiatives. “When you’re not sure if what you’re experiencing requires a trip to the hospital, you can call us. We’ll either be able to treat you virtually, or offer other options that may be more convenient for you than an emergency department visit.”

Jefferson Health is committed to delivering healthcare to patients where they want it, how they want it - allowing them to avoid a potentially long wait in the emergency room, and offering them the peace-of-mind and convenience of accessing healthcare in their own homes.

Currently, physicians are accessible 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m., and the hours will be extended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week beginning September 21st. The service is available for use in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Patients do not need to be a resident of those states; therefore, visitors coming to the region for the Papal Visit will be eligible to use it. Physicians can write necessary prescriptions for patients using the app in Philadelphia and Delaware.

The cost for a physician’s visit via the On-Demand Care App is $49, which Dr. Hollander says is relatively inexpensive compared to other options that a patient may have. “Depending on your situation, using the JeffConnect® app could be less than an office visit or an emergency department visit, all the while being considerably more convenient than these options,” he says.

To sign up for JeffConnect® and begin using the On-Demand Virtual Care App, search “JeffConnect” in the app store or log on to

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