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Jefferson Angioplasty Center Opens, Experts Ready to Provide Second Opinions


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Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals is proud to announce the opening of the Jefferson Angioplasty Center, the outpatient practice for Jefferson's interventional cardiologists. The Jefferson Angioplasty Center is now co-located with the Vascular Center allowing for streamlined consultations and convenience, as the two specialties often see the same patients.

The Jefferson Angioplasty Center's acknowledged experts are ready to provide consultations to physicians and second opinions to patients with complex cardiac issues including coronary heart diseases, structural heart disease or valve heart diseases.

"We are a ready resource for physicians and their patients who may be considering heart surgery or other treatment options," said Michael Savage, M.D., the Ralph J. Roberts Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Director of the Jefferson Angioplasty Center. "While many patients come to Jefferson for routine care, Jefferson's interventional program is an ideal regional referral center for patients deemed high-risk, inoperable, or in need of a second opinion."

The Jefferson Angioplasty Center will offer imaging including echocardiograms and ultrasounds and a nurse practitioner will streamline the consultation process and navigate patients through pre-visit preparations.

"We want to make the second opinion process as seamless as possible for our patients," said Annette Mitchell, CRNP, Jefferson Angioplasty Center. "Our goal is to obtain and review all of the records and films before the patient comes to their appointment. Then, when we meet the patient, we'll be ready to discuss their treatment options and expedite the plan."

To make an appointment with the specialists at Jefferson Angioplasty Center, call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669).

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