Jefferson University Hospitals

Scheduled Video Visits

You can connect to your scheduled video visit on MyChart either through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Follow directions below to start a video visit with your computer or iOS/Android device.


Web Browsers: Please use Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

Step 1: Activate Account from invite received through email or code at office check-out.

MyChart account activation

Step 2: Log in to MyChart (if account is active).

MyChart log-in page

Step 3: Select "Upcoming Appts" from the "Visits" dropdown menu.

Screenshot of Upcoming Appts link under Visits dropdown menu

Step 4: Select time/date of Visit.

Screenshot of Upcoming Appts page

Step 5: Click "Begin Video Visit" button.

Screenshot of button

Step 6: Complete downloads of the Extension and Plug-in.

Screenshot of extension and plug in that will need to be downloaded

Step 7: Complete the hardware test.

Screenshot of hardware test

Step 8: Your visit will now begin, please make sure your speaker volume is adjusted and that you have not muted your connection.

iPhones, iPads (iOS devices) and Android

Step 1: Search App Store or Google Play Store for MyChart. Do not allow GPS configuration and choose "Jefferson Health Network" for Platform.

MyChart app icon

Step 2: Login and make sure Wi-Fi is connected.

Make sure wifi is connected

Step 3: Click on Appointment Calendar, you can start your visit up to 15-30 minutes ahead of time.

Screenshot of Mychart app. Click Appointments in upper right.

Step 4: Click the green camera icon.

Click the green camera icon to the right of your appointment listing

Step 5: Click "Begin Visit"

Green Begin Visit button

Step 6: Please wait while the provider connects. If the app shuts down, please check your internet connection and reopen the MyChart app to reconnect.