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Departments & Services

This is a listing of services available at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Please visit Departments & Services for a complete listing of Jefferson Health’s services.

  • Pain Center
    Pain Center
    If you are experiencing chronic cancer pain, lower back pain or other types of chronic pain conditions, our physicians are prepared to help.
  • Pancreas Transplant Program
    Pancreas Transplant Program
    Our surgical team is highly skilled in performing all three types of pancreas transplants: simultaneous pancreas kidney, pancreas after kidney and pancreas transplant alone.
  • Pastoral Care Program
    Pastoral Care Program
    The chaplains of the Department of Pastoral Care and Education at Jefferson are part of the professional care team and can provide the support you need.
  • Pharmacy
    The primary activities of the Department of Pharmacy are providing pharmaceutical care to our patients.
  • Radiation Oncology
    Radiation Oncology
    Specializing in specific types of tumors and therapies, our radiation oncologists are continually improving patient outcomes by providing carefully coordinated and sequenced therapies in concert with surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation biologists and medical physicists.
  • Radiation Therapies for Breast Cancer
    Radiation Therapies for Breast Cancer
    Jefferson radiation oncologists will provide you with advanced breast radiation therapy using the most sophisticated technology.
  • Radiology
    Patients receive the latest in high-quality diagnostic and treatment imaging services at our Radiology Department.
  • Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health
    Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health
    The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson is a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated clinical cancer center for excellence in cancer care and research.
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program
    Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program
    Guided by advanced imaging technology, our physicians are able to precisely deliver radiation to tumors and arteriovenous malformations (AVM), while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Thermal Oncology Program
    Thermal Oncology Program
    The Thermal Oncology Program within Jefferson’s Department of Radiation Oncology features the high-quality patient care, clinical expertise and innovative therapy that have led U.S. News & World Report to rank Thomas Jefferson University Hospital among the nation’s Best Hospitals for cancer treatment.